Children’s Art Donation Opportunity

Do you work with children throughout the day?  Is your fridge full of art made by your child?  Consider donating art to the EVICS Art Gala!  Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success is preparing for their annual Art Gala to be held November 9, celebrating our local artists at a fundraising event to support early childhood education in the Estes Valley.  The evening’s theme is “Once Upon a Time” and will be a festive event for adults that’s inspired by seeing the world through a chlid’s eyes.  The event will feature a silent auction, food and beverages from local breweries, children’s art for purchase, and entertainment throughout the night!  Proceeds from the EVICS Art Gala- their largest fundraiser of the year- support programming and events for families, scholarships for childcare and preschool, and support for Estes Valley childcare providers.

Many amazing local artists have donated unique silent auction pieces, preschools and children programs have been creatively working on pieces too!  Need some creative inspiration or need more information?  Get in contact with Carlie at EVICS at or join our Parent Newsletter to receive updates about the even and how your child can contribute!



La importancia del juego en los niños

El juego en los niños es fundamental para las diferentes áreas del desarrollo. Durante el juego se trabaja el área emocional, social y física.

Aveces es difícil para los niños expresar la mezcla de emociones que experimentan en su rutina diaria. Emociones como: la tristeza, el enojo, el miedo, la alegría, etc. El juego sirve para que los niños puedan expresar de manera dinámica y divertida lo que sienten. A través del juego en los niños, los papás tienen la posibilidad de observar la expresión de lo que están sintiendo sus niños. 


The importance of play for children.

Playing for children is fundamental for the different areas of development. During the play the emotional, social and physical area is worked on.

Sometimes it is difficult for children to express the mix of emotions they experience in their daily routine. Emotions like: sadness, anger, fear, joy, etc. The play is beneficial so that children can express these feelings in a dynamic and fun way and help understand how they feel emotionally. When parents play with their children, parents have the ability to observe the expression of what their children are feeling.