Children’s Art Donation Opportunity

Do you work with children throughout the day?  Is your fridge full of art made by your child?  Consider donating art to the EVICS Art Gala!  Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success is preparing for their annual Art Gala to be held November 9, celebrating our local artists at a fundraising event to support early childhood education in the Estes Valley.  The evening’s theme is “Once Upon a Time” and will be a festive event for adults that’s inspired by seeing the world through a chlid’s eyes.  The event will feature a silent auction, food and beverages from local breweries, children’s art for purchase, and entertainment throughout the night!  Proceeds from the EVICS Art Gala- their largest fundraiser of the year- support programming and events for families, scholarships for childcare and preschool, and support for Estes Valley childcare providers.

Many amazing local artists have donated unique silent auction pieces, preschools and children programs have been creatively working on pieces too!  Need some creative inspiration or need more information?  Get in contact with Carlie at EVICS at or join our Parent Newsletter to receive updates about the even and how your child can contribute!



La importancia del juego en los niños

El juego en los niños es fundamental para las diferentes áreas del desarrollo. Durante el juego se trabaja el área emocional, social y física.

Aveces es difícil para los niños expresar la mezcla de emociones que experimentan en su rutina diaria. Emociones como: la tristeza, el enojo, el miedo, la alegría, etc. El juego sirve para que los niños puedan expresar de manera dinámica y divertida lo que sienten. A través del juego en los niños, los papás tienen la posibilidad de observar la expresión de lo que están sintiendo sus niños. 


The importance of play for children.

Playing for children is fundamental for the different areas of development. During the play the emotional, social and physical area is worked on.

Sometimes it is difficult for children to express the mix of emotions they experience in their daily routine. Emotions like: sadness, anger, fear, joy, etc. The play is beneficial so that children can express these feelings in a dynamic and fun way and help understand how they feel emotionally. When parents play with their children, parents have the ability to observe the expression of what their children are feeling.

Childcare Advocacy in the Town of Estes Park

From EVICS Executive Director, Nancy Almond:

Have you heard of the Family Advisory Board (FAB)?  EVICS was instrumental in advocating for the creation of this important Board whose purpose is to bring matters related to families and children to the attention of the Town Board of Trustees.  Recently, the FAB has focused on childcare needs in the community. Last month they made 5 recommendations to the Town Board, for inclusion in the 2019 Town Strategic Plan: 1) Advocate for childcare related legislation at the state and county level, 2) establish, and contribute to, a community fund to raise money for the development of a high-quality childcare center to serve ages 0-5, 3) Dedicate town property for the site for childcare center, 4) Identify sustainable public funding sources to offset cost of childcare delivery, and 5) Dedicate a portion of town staff time to coordinate childcare related initiatives.

The recent Childcare Needs Assessment, and case studies of other mountain resort communities, confirm that without public support, childcare services are cost prohibitive for working families. The Town Board is considering each of these recommendations and will be making decisions regarding the  adoption of one or more of these action items.  If you and your family would be impacted by these efforts, we urge you to reach out to Town Trustees with your comments and support.  Your voice does make a difference – so be sure to share your stories and experiences with those who will make decisions that impact you!

Cheers to advocating for our children!

New Owner and Director at Mountain Top!

Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success would like to introduce a new member of our community, Christy DeLorme. Christy recently moved to Estes Park, CO as the new Owner and Director of Mountain Top Preschool and Childcare at 1250 Woodstock Dr.

A little about Christy:

My family and I moved to Colorado from Wyoming initially in 2009 and fell in love!  Nature holds a very special place in our hearts so when the opportunity to live and work in the mountains arose, we jumped at the chance! My husband & I are high school sweethearts and have been happily married for 16 years.  We have 3 beautiful children; 2 gorgeous girls 13 & 9, and one fabulous 3-year-old little boy.  We also have 2 fur babies, Muggsy the English Bulldog & Patty our Miniature Schnauzer.

A little about me: I have earned a Master of Education in Educational Administration and have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education; I am certified as Large Center Director and Elementary Teacher (K-5).  Additionally, I possess thirteen years of hands-on teaching/childcare experience, over ten years of administrative experience within educational settings, seven years working directly for non-profit organizations, as well as owning two home daycares in Wyoming.

My guiding principle is to live my life by the “Golden Rule,” treating others the way I would like to be treated.  This one ideal drives everything I do within my personal and professional life.  Every day, I strive to treat all persons that I meet with dignity, respect, compassion and empathy.

As an Educational Administrator as well as an Owner, it has always been my passion to create an environment where the family thrives, feels safe and comfortable, and knows that they too are valued; that my service isn’t limited to the child(ren) in my care.   I aspire to establish an organizational culture and educational program conducive to student learning and success. 

I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible!  I value and respect your time; thank you for sharing that time with me. Please feel free to stop by any time! 


We are very excited to welcome Christy and her family to our community! Contact Mountain Top for enrollment now: (307) 851-7642 or email at

Mountain Top Preschool and Childcare is one of two full day preschool programs in our community, the other being Bennett at the YMCA of the Rockies. Estes Valley also has two half day preschool programs, and five home licensed childcare programs. If you are interested in providing childcare from your home or are an Early Childhood Professional looking for a network in the Estes Valley, please contact us. EVICS offers monthly Networking Nights for EC professionals, Professional Development opportunities throughout the year, an annual conference in April, as well assistance in becoming a licensed provider.


Community Planning and Early Childhood Education

A piece by Program Coordinator, Carlie Bangs


Many times we hear and discuss how “it takes a village”. Well, that’s because in many communities it does take broad understanding of early childhood education and collaboration among key stakeholders in order to see impact. One nearby successful initiative comes from Boulder, CO where they looked at their community assets and strengths to involve children of all ages, beginning at 4 years old, to work in community development.


Growing Up Boulder is an initiative that was formed in 2009 as a partnership between the City of Boulder, Boulder Valley School District, and the University of Colorado’s Program in Environmental Design. The child friendly initiative works directly with Boulder Journey School, a Reggio Emilia preschool. Teachers at this school have strong beliefs of democratic process among its students, gaining an appreciation for the outdoors, as well as children’s involvement in their local community. Through this process, Boulder Journey School students (ages 4 and 5) were able to influence public open space in Boulder.


Students contributed to the redesign of Boulder’s civic area, a public space in the city’s downtown area, which was being redesigned because of the increased flood risk through the corridor. Children from Boulder Journey School were brought to the open space and provided green and red frames, and a camera to assess the space as it was. They were encouraged to take photos of what they liked with a green frame, and what they didn’t like with the red frame. Students brought what they learned about the design of the space back to their class to create a life size civic park with blocks and stuffed animals. The Boulder Lead City Planner even participated by coming to see their design.

Children 0-18 years old influenced adult planners, council members, and community members in the design of this public space. While children are often forgotten throughout the community development and planning process, they are actually the perfect community planners as they are allowed to think about possibilities rather than restraints like budget, liability, time. Of course, some children wanted candy parks and spray guns, but there were also huge takeaways. It was noticed that children have a biological need for nature and it shows up in their design. Children felt that nature must be nearby and accessible as they can no longer venture blocks from their home to explore a nearby creek. Throughout the process, they found children often include nonhuman species in their design, all living creatures not cars, egos, or corporations.

They found that children exhibit high levels of empathy when considering use of the space by people and animals- and insects! After exploring and assessing the civic park area, the Boulder Journey Students had some concerns about the insects they encountered. Back in the preschool classroom, students researched the different features of insects and created costumes of insects including antennae and wings. Teachers facilitated this learning and inquiry by projecting large insect shadows on a wall so that children could experience the scale at which humans appear to insects. The students’ recommendations showed concern that insects might be hurt by visitors on trails and wanted to protect the insects and their homes. No matter the age, Growing Up Boulder has found that desires for nature protection and enhancement emerge across projects and ages, in early childhood and beyond.

While it may sound outlandish and a little crazy to include our youngest citizens in designing and planning our community, a city friendly to children is city friendly to ALL. Safe sidewalks serve the needs of individuals in wheelchairs, as well as the new mom wanting to get out of the house with a stroller and her young children. Frequent and affordable bus routes help teens access their community, family access resources like the local library, as well as adults who want to age in place. In many ways, children are an indicator species for the entire community as they can’t jump in a car to get where they want to go or purchase expensive meals. A community that serves the needs of children, will also serve the needs of many other minority groups within a community. We also can’t forget the benefits a program like this does to children in our community. To participate in large scale planning, their education is integrated into real life situations, empathy and process are naturally learned through community activism.


External Sources:

TedXMile High, November 2017  with Mara Mintzer

Back to School: Support Your Child’s Learning

From EVICS Executive Director, Nancy Almond:

From birth, children imitate their parents. Parents are the most significant people in a child’s life, and their first and very best teachers!  As a new parent, you put a lot of time and energy into your baby’s care and nurture. As children mature we begin to look to outside sources, such as schools, churches and clubs, to expand our child’s learning and experience. However, as children grow, parents influence and involvement becomes even more critical than ever!  As we approach Fall and making the transition back to school, consider how you can participate in your child’s education, both in and out of the classroom.  Whether your child attends preschool, childcare, or elementary school, they are ALL learning environments. Research shows that when parents are involved and engaged in their child’s growth, development and education, children have greater self-esteem and learning success.

Parents can participate by encouraging and supporting your child’s learning, and being actively involved with activities and environments.  As a busy parent, it can feel challenging to find time to participate in your child’s learning and this can be frustrating.  However, there are many ways to demonstrate support and encouragement even when you don’t have time to actively volunteer.  Communicating with the child’s teacher, creating a learning environment at home, attending school events and meetings, and contributing treats and household craft items, are all helpful ways to be involved.  Parents’ involvement sends a strong message to children that school is important and that home and school are connected.

Don’t wait until Kindergarten to “get involved” in your child’s education!  Children are born learning and parent involvement is crucial from the very beginning. You can foster your child’s early learning experiences by taking time to talk with your childcare provider or teacher each day.  Ask how you can best support and extend your child’s learning and experience. Ask for one-on-one talk time when needed, and never underestimate how important and powerful your sincere “thank you” can be!  Happy Back-to-School to all!

Now Hiring!


EVICS is currently looking to add to our team! Contact Parent Education Coordinator, Kristen Berg, at or call 970-586-3055.

Hidden Summer Activities in Estes Park for Children 0-5

Are you looking for activities in Estes Park that are unique for your younger child? We love story time, the tram, getting an ice cream downtown, or checking out the new community center, but there’s an entire summer full of days to fill with activities! EVICS has compiled a list of activities that are “off the beaten path” that are free, or cheap, and provide a new experiences to Estes Park locals and visitors. Please comment if you have additional hidden summer activities!

Storybook Trail

Head to Stanley Park and venture toward the bike path on the eastern side of the playground. Follow the panels along the trail that carry you through a children’s book. The experience combines the joy of reading with getting outdoors. The Storybook Trail is a gift to the community for local families and visitors. Many thanks to its generous sponsors: the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado and Estes Park Rotary Club. It is made possible through a partnership of Estes Valley Library and Estes Valley Recreation and Park District.

Picnic at Riverside/Baldwin Park

An off the beaten path park, the Riverside Park near the Post Office boasts a large grassy area (one of the few in Estes Park). Right along the river, there is a small playground and picnic tables. Or bring a blanket and lunch for a great picnic!

 Bicycle Pump Track

EPCC photo of the new pump track!

Get the Strider bike out and hit the trail! The perimeter trail of the pump track at Stanley Park was recently completed through donations and the Estes Park Cycling Coalition. There is also a small skate park nearby! It is recommended that children be 3-5 years old for the trail. Remember to wear a helmet!

Lake Estes Marina

Bring the shovel and pail and lather on the sunscreen! Play at the Marina playground, wade into the (cold) water, and play in the sand. If you want to get out on the water, rent kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, canoes, pontoon boats, bikes, pedal carts, and rods and reels. Open from May to early October.

Feed the ducks

Head over to Coffee on the Rocks to feed the ducks at their peaceful, well landscaped pond. Stop inside to get a nice coffee, pastry, or sandwich. Be sure to head inside and purchase their duck food (corn) as they don’t like you feeding them bread.

See the stars at the Estes Park Memorial Observatory

Check their schedule for open house nights or their educational lectures.

Fish Creek trail bike ride

Biking along the Fish Creek trail.

Head to what the locals fondly call “Broccoli Park” off of HWY 7 and Carriage Drive. Park at the playground and access the bike trail heading east where you’ll meet up with the Fish Creek bike trail. This trail will take you all the way to Stanley Park, to Lake Estes, or all the way to downtown Estes Park. Remember, you cannot ride on the Riverwalk once you’ve accessed downtown so please walk your bikes! The entire loop is quite flat and appropriate for new bikers or adults with bike trailers.

Explore the Knoll

Across from the Stanley Hotel on Wonderview Ave, you will find a small parking lot that accesses a short trail system to the top of the knoll where you will find remnants of an old home. Along the trails there are many spots for exploration and benches to soak in the view of downtown Estes Park and Longs Peak. A short walk and tons of exploration- perfect for little ones!

Casey’s Train

Historic photo of Casey’s Train.

Ride the Silver Streak “Casey’s Train” miniature train through a historical landscape! Casey’s Train is an historical activity dating back to mid-1900’s when Phil “Casey” Martin would offer rides in downtown Estes Park. Nowadays, head to Ride-A-Kart (2250 Big Thompson Ave) where you’ll find Casey’s Train, bumper cars, go karts, mini golf, and so much more. $3.00 per ride for all ages. Infants sitting on laps are free.

Climbing Park at Performance Park

Some of the more difficult climbing at the Climbing Park.

Great climbing for beginners and young children. The Climbing Park located at the west end of Elkhorn Avenue is very accessible as it sits right behind the Performance Park stage. Climbing routes vary allowing for fun for all ages and levels.  The easier routes located behind the stage and get harder as you move along the rock closer to the river.

Mom and dad showing 3 year old Lo how to climb.

Not Estes Park, but worth the drive- Lyons Laverne M. Johnson Park

Located in nearby community, Lyons CO is a 20-minute drive from Estes Park. The Laverne M. Johnson Park was newly established after the 2013 floods and boasts a splash pad, river access, zip line, tree house, and much more! Picnic tables and bathroom amenities make it a perfect stop for a full day of fun! $5 park fee

EVICS Playgroup Update

As spring comes to an end and with summer right around the corner, staff at EVICS are busy planning for future programming and new initiatives. We are constantly evaluating the impact of our programs and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement. As we began looking at our playgroup structure and delivery we have decided to make a few changes to our weekly group. Starting in June we will no longer be offering a structured weekly playgroup time. Many families come regularly to our groups and we would encourage you to continue to meet informally at the same time 10-11 on Wednesdays to keep the routine for you and your child. In the summer, Stanley Park is a great place to meet up! This will allow you to maintain your social connections you have made with other parents and their children. This form of socialization from birth on, is critical to your child’s development. EVICS staff will host one playgroup each month during the summer, which will have a more focused format and specific skill exploration. These playgroups will be held at Stanley Park in the small shelter near the playground on Wednesdays from 10-11. Here’s the schedule for the summer:

            June 27th Art in the Park

            July 25th Water Play

            August 29th Block Party

In September playgroups will be managed by EVRPD and will resume in the Community Center featuring some new programming options and experiences! We’ll communicate the specific changes as they evolve. If you have questions or concerns about this information, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk with one of our staff members at 970586-3055.



Incredible Years! Free Parenting Class

Have you ever considered that more training is required to obtain a driver’s license than to become a parent? Because kids don’t come with instruction guides—EVICS is partnering up with SummitStone Health Partners to offer a FREE 6-week series of parenting classes for families of children ages 3-6! The Incredible Years is an evidence-based program backed by 30 years of research. Parents will learn practical tips, information and new research on how to support children’s social/emotional development and prevent challenging behaviors. Why do children do the things they do and how can parents respond in a way that promotes positive behaviors? Children who develop healthy social and emotional skills early in life are better prepared for school and life success.
The class will meet at the Estes Valley Community Center – lower level classroom, on Wednesday evenings, 5:30-7:30, June 6 – July 11 (No class on July 4) Class instructor is Corinna Crandall, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant. Childcare is provided! Ages 1-4 will enjoy playtime in the CubzDen (cost: $4 per child, half price for 2nd child), and children ages 5 and over will enjoy supervised play time in the gym at no cost. Dinner will be provided for parents and children. Families who attend all 6 sessions will receive a $50 Safeway Gift Card.

Registration is required. Please contact:
EVICS at 586-3055/
OR Corinna Crandall at 970-342-5325