Childcare Advocacy in the Town of Estes Park

From EVICS Executive Director, Nancy Almond:

Have you heard of the Family Advisory Board (FAB)?  EVICS was instrumental in advocating for the creation of this important Board whose purpose is to bring matters related to families and children to the attention of the Town Board of Trustees.  Recently, the FAB has focused on childcare needs in the community. Last month they made 5 recommendations to the Town Board, for inclusion in the 2019 Town Strategic Plan: 1) Advocate for childcare related legislation at the state and county level, 2) establish, and contribute to, a community fund to raise money for the development of a high-quality childcare center to serve ages 0-5, 3) Dedicate town property for the site for childcare center, 4) Identify sustainable public funding sources to offset cost of childcare delivery, and 5) Dedicate a portion of town staff time to coordinate childcare related initiatives.

The recent Childcare Needs Assessment, and case studies of other mountain resort communities, confirm that without public support, childcare services are cost prohibitive for working families. The Town Board is considering each of these recommendations and will be making decisions regarding the  adoption of one or more of these action items.  If you and your family would be impacted by these efforts, we urge you to reach out to Town Trustees with your comments and support.  Your voice does make a difference – so be sure to share your stories and experiences with those who will make decisions that impact you!

Cheers to advocating for our children!

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