EVICS Playgroup Update

As spring comes to an end and with summer right around the corner, staff at EVICS are busy planning for future programming and new initiatives. We are constantly evaluating the impact of our programs and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement. As we began looking at our playgroup structure and delivery we have decided to make a few changes to our weekly group. Starting in June we will no longer be offering a structured weekly playgroup time. Many families come regularly to our groups and we would encourage you to continue to meet informally at the same time 10-11 on Wednesdays to keep the routine for you and your child. In the summer, Stanley Park is a great place to meet up! This will allow you to maintain your social connections you have made with other parents and their children. This form of socialization from birth on, is critical to your child’s development. EVICS staff will host one playgroup each month during the summer, which will have a more focused format and specific skill exploration. These playgroups will be held at Stanley Park in the small shelter near the playground on Wednesdays from 10-11. Here’s the schedule for the summer:

            June 27th Art in the Park

            July 25th Water Play

            August 29th Block Party

In September playgroups will be managed by EVRPD and will resume in the Community Center featuring some new programming options and experiences! We’ll communicate the specific changes as they evolve. If you have questions or concerns about this information, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk with one of our staff members at 970586-3055.



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