Thank you for the Support!

EVICS Thanks Community for Art Gala Support
by Executive Director Nancy Almond

Once Upon a Time….a small village came together to celebrate local art and support young children, families, and early childhood education! Thank you to all who came out to support EVICS’ 3rd Annual Art Gala Fundraising event held on November 9th at the Trout Haven Event Center.  Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed colorful art created by our youngest community members, and the many truly unique pieces contributed by talented local artists.  The EVICS Giving Tree gave guests the opportunity to support specific program needs, such as childcare scholarships, professional development materials, preschool music classes, and supplies for home visits.


The event raised $10,000 to support EVICS on-going programs, and generated additional gifts to support EVICS’ move to become a Family Resource Center.  EVICS has moved to a new home at 1182 Graves Ave, Unit A, and is pursuing membership in the Colorado Family Resource Center Association. After one year of membership, EVICS will be eligible for critical pass through funding which will provide more sustainable support for the program.  EVICS is deeply grateful to the following donors who have contributed one-time gifts to offset start-up costs of the new Family Resource Center:  Bank of Estes Park, Buell Foundation, Town of Estes Park, Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, John and Peggy Lynch, The Goodwin/Bolgeo Family, and the Newendorp Family.


The Art Gala was truly a heartwarming evening as friends came together to insure young children in our community have what they need to thrive.  EVICS staff, Board of Directors, and families extend a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed, sponsored, and attended the event.  It truly takes a village to raise a child – and no village does it like Estes Park!

Holiday Letter from the Director

Ho-ho-ho and mistletoe! It’s the merriest time of the year – right?  However, for busy parents, it’s awfully easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of the season, and overlook opportunities to help children make meaning of the “season of giving”.  Take some time this holiday season to reflect on what you really want to instill in your children. Here are some tips for how to downplay consumerism and focus on creating lasting traditions:  

Remember why we do this.  Whether we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another winter celebration, we do so to remember that miracles happen.  That even on the darkest nights of the year, we can light a candle and share the light.  The rituals that we observe connect children to their family heritage, and create memories that stick with children for a lifetime.

Get everyone in the family involved in the celebration. Even very young children can be included in spreading holiday cheer.  Go closets and donate items you haven’t used during the year and other items you don’t need. Have the children go through their toys and books to choose items to give away to others who are less fortunate.

Give in ways that matter.  Children naturally want to give, so capitalize on the opportunity to teach about charitable giving.  Choose a charity that you will support as a family. The amount you give is not important, but the act of giving teaches children empathy and caring. Let your children choose something that is important to them, or take a family vote! 

Choose clutter-free gifts. Giving thoughtful gifts to remind folks how much we love them can be a beautiful part of the season.  Children’s art, baked goods, a framed photo, or a recording of a favorite story, are meaningful gifts cherished by the recipient. 

Clear the calendar for fun.  Carve out some time for family togetherness and spend it making memories.  This is the most valuable gift you can give one another. Whether  baking and decorating cookies, making your own gift wrap, or snuggling in with popcorn and a stack of holiday movies, the important thing is that everyone is sharing the experience together and memories are being made.


A Big Move! EVICS growing into Family Resource Center at New Location

Exciting things are happening at EVICS! In November, we will move into a new office space at 1182 Graves Ave., which will allow us to expand services for families.  While our core mission will remain Early Childhood services and support, the expanded space will accommodate our growing staff and provide the opportunity for us to become a Family Resource Center.  We will continue providing support to families through our accredited Parents as Teachers Program and our successful Childcare Scholarship Program.  We will also continue outreach, support and training to childcare and preschool programs.  Becoming a Family Resource Center will enable us to provide more wrap-around services for families, providing a safe and accessible place to connect families to comprehensive and coordinated services.  We are exciting to be joining 31 other Colorado communities as members of the Colorado Family Resource Center Association (FRCA).  The EVICS Family Resource Center will fill a gap in our community for more robust support in helping families achieve their goals. Stop in and check out our new location after Thanksgiving break!

La Autoestima

La autoestima es un elemento básico en la formación personal de los niños. De su grado de autoestima dependerá su desarrollo. Un niño desde que nace debe ser valorado y aceptado en el seno familiar, a medida que va creciendo y empiezan a ser visibles sus capacidades y también las limitaciones, es importante aprender  a manejar los aspectos negativos y ayudarle a superar aquellas cosas difíciles para él, no utilizando en ningún momento términos despectivos, porque el niño pequeño todo lo cree y son cosas que van siendo grabadas en su subconsciente. Cuando un niño adquiere una buena autoestima se siente competente y seguro.

Adriana Hochstetler




Self-esteem is a basic element in the personal development of children. Their development speed will depend on their degree of self-esteem. A child from birth must be valued and accepted within the family, as the child grows and their abilities and limitations begin to be visible, it is necessary to teach them to handle the negative aspects of themselfs and life and help them overcome those difficulties. It is important not using derogatory terms at any time, because the little child believes everything they hear and there are things that are being recorded in his subconscious. When a child acquires good self-esteem he feels competent and confident.

Adriana Hochstetler

EVICS Art Gala Fundraising Efforts

Put on your “mountain formal” attire and come enjoy friends and creative, whimsical, unique pieces of art for your home or workplace, created by local children and area artists. An adult event, to support young children in Estes Park, guests will enjoy heavy appetizers, enjoy local musician Kelly Stalworth, and adult beverages from Rock Cut and Lumpy Ridge breweries and Snowy Peaks Winery.

The 3rd Annual Art Gala supports the work of Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success (EVICS). Huge growth is occurring with EVICS this year!  In November we will move into a new office space which will allow us to expand services for families.  Our new space and staff expansion provide the opportunity to become a Family Resource Center, where we can offer more comprehensive services for families and provide a safe, accessible place where families can find support, connect with resources, and achieve their goals.  We hope we can count on your support as we make this move!

EVICS Team Grows with New Staff

Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success (EVICS) is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new staff members.  In September, Jess Borries joined the team as the Parent Education Coordinator, shortly followed by new Early Childhood Navigator, Rosemary Truman.

Jess brings a social work background to her work with families and children in our community.  As Parent Education Coordinator, Jess manages the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program and coordinates all parent education outreach activities.  The PAT program provides support to families of young children through personalized home visits, education on child growth and development, and connections to community resources.  Jess received a degree in Social Work from Greenville University, and brings to the EVICS program a variety of professional experience in case management and counseling.

Rosemary Truman began her position as Early Childhood Navigator on October 2.  This is a new position for EVICS, funded by a grant from the United Way of Larimer County.  Rosemary serves as the point of contact for families, assisting them accessing early childhood services and connecting them to other community resources as needed.  Among other activities, Rosemary will coordinate the popular EVICS Childcare Scholarship Program.  Rosemary received her degree in Psychology and Disability Studies from Truman State University, and has experience in working with children and youth at the YMCA of the Rockies, Rocky Mountain Conservancy, and Let’s Go Outdoors.


Jess and Rosemary join the other EVICS staff members:  Carlie Bangs, Program Coordinator; Adriana Hochstetler, Bilingual Parent Educator; and Nancy Almond, Executive Director.  The team is excited to be working together to advance the needs of families and children in our community.  EVICS is currently pursuing membership in the Colorado Family Resource Center Association, and the organization will be moving to a new location in November. For more information on the EVICS  program please visit: or contact:    970.586.3055