Childcare Scholarship

EVICS Childcare Scholarship

The EVICS Childcare Scholarship program provides temporary childcare and preschool tuition assistance to Estes Park families who demonstrate financial need and for whom other funding sources are not available. Applicants are first reviewed to see if they may qualify for the Colorado Childcare Assistance Program (CCAP). If they do not qualify for CCAP, EVICS will then consider applications for scholarships.

Qualifying families must live and/or work in the Park R-3 School District and use a participating licensed childcare program or home provider. Use our Childcare Directory to find a licensed provider in Estes Valley.


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Am I Eligible?

Applicants must demonstrate financial need as evidenced by one or more of the following:

  • Medicaid enrolled
  • Free or reduced lunch enrolled
  • Salud sliding scale/CHP+ enrolled

Gross monthly family income is less than:

$2,920 for family of 2
$3,683 for family of 3
$4,445 for family of 4
$5,208 for family of 5
$5,971 for family of 6

In special circumstances, as funds are available, clients with the following types of needs will be considered for assistance (documentation is required):

  • Medical emergency or temporary financial hardship that threatens basic needs.
  • Preschool assistance for Pre-K child with social, emotional or developmental need.


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EVICS wants to meet the diverse needs of every family in the Estes Valley Community.  At our programs and events, our Bilingual Parent Educator is often present.  If you would like translated documents or services at any EVICS programs, please contact us.

Para Español, contactar a nuestro Educador Bilingüe Patricia Rountree a: ó visitar la oficina de EVICS Lunes o Miércoles de 10 am  a 2 pm.