Investing in our Community

High quality, accessible childcare is crucial for working families and provides a solid early learning foundation for young children.  EVICS supports and promotes quality early childhood services and provides parent education so that all children in the Estes Valley have the care, support, and opportunities necessary to grow, learn, and succeed.

EVICS provides resources, programming, networking, and support to families and those providing early childhood services in the Estes Valley.

YOU can make a positive impact in the community!

Donate Now

EVICS is completely supported through grants and donations. Our child care scholarship program allows families in the Estes Valley Community to afford child care. There is currently an exceptionally high need for this program, and our scholarship funds are running low. Make an impact on our community through your 100% tax-deductible donation today!


EVICS offers many programs and services throughout the year. We rely on volunteers to run many of these programs. Please consider volunteering as an individual, as a group, or for a youth project. Contact us for more information or join our volunteer list below!

Add Me!

EVICS wants to meet the diverse needs of every family in the Estes Valley Community.  At our programs and events, our Bilingual Parent Educator is often present.  If you would like translated documents or services at any EVICS programs, please contact us.

Para Español, contactar a nuestro Educador Bilingüe Patricia Rountree a: prountree@evics.org ó visitar la oficina de EVICS Lunes a Jueves de 9am a 2pm.